Services Overview

Pool systems can be hard to maintain. A delicate chemistry balance is needed to avoid scaling and etching, as well as upkeep of pumps and motors to avoid other damages. But with our professional help the life of your swimming pool can be prolonged for many years, avoiding costly repairs. We’re happy to protect that investment in your back yard!


Weekly Service

We offer bi-weekly, weekly, and every other week service visits to residential and commercial pools and spas. Each visit includes the following: clean skimmer and pump baskets, vacuum floor, net surface of water, brush walls as needed, measure and balance chemistry/apply needed chemicals, shock as needed, regulate proper pump and filter operation.



We provide the following repairs and replacements: Filters, Polaris, pumps/motors, salt systems, pipe repair (excludes underground), minor liner & tile repair, leak detection, and much more! Please contact us with any mechanical or constructional repair requests. From there we will diagnose whether or not parts need to be replaced or repaired.


Pool Closing.jpg

Openings / Closings

Pool owners dread the labor of their annual opening, and even worse, the somber annual closing. Save your time and energy, let us do the work to prepare for winter months and/or summer months! Whether you hire us for regular service or not, we are more than willing to open and close your pool.

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Filter Cleaning and REPLACEMENT

Filters must be cleaned regularly to maintain efficiency and prolong their lives. We offer a process that will restore your cartridge filters to be as good as new, sand filter tank clean and refill that will ensure a clear pool, and DE filter cleaning that will keep dirt and debris trapped in its proper place.

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Pool Deck Coatings and Pressure Washing

Has your pool deck grown mold and mildew? Is your concrete coating chipping or peeling, leaving you with a back yard that you’re hesitant to show to guests? We have the solution! Cumberland Pool Service offers pressure washing process with top of the line equipment that will kill all unwanted plant spore growth, as well as a selection of the finest coatings of your choice. After all, what good is a clean pool without a clean pool deck?

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Pool Painting

Nobody likes the appalling appearance of a faded, stained, or damaged pool surface. We can fix that! Cumberland Pool Service will acid wash your pool, clean and neutralize all previous chemicals off the pool walls, and patch any divots. Our reliable epoxy paint will give your pool surface a like-new appearance for many years to come. Let us restore the surface of your pool to make look as good as it did when it was first constructed!

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